Conception Wellness

An Integrative Medical Clinic for Women’s Health and Fertility

Specializing in women’s health from menarche to menopause, we offer comprehensive health assessments, nutritional guidance, individualized wellness plans, and acupuncture. Choose below for our consulting and support programs.


A custom-designed protocol based on your specific needs. We know that each person is different and we treat everyone uniquely. The Conception Wellness Program takes into account all aspects of your life and lifestyle in order to create a simple-to-follow, daily guide to enhance your wellbeing and get you the results you desire. Read More >>


A couple from Boston were both 37 years of age and had tried to conceive for four years. IUI performed 6x and IVF attempted 2x without success. They were discharged from their fertility program and told their chances of conceiving were less than 1% … upon working with Conception Wellness for only 90 days, find out what happened! Read More >>

Lisa Pugliese

Lisa Pugliese has worked in Health Care for nearly 20 years. Before becoming an Acupuncturist in 2001, Lisa worked as a Registered Nurse. Studying Chinese Medicine & Nutritional Medicine seemed like a natural transition for Lisa as she sought to help people who often fell through the cracks of the traditional medical model. Read More >>

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