Lisa- meet us

Lisa Pugliese, R.N., L.Ac.

Lisa Pugliese has been working in health care for nearly 20 years. Before becoming an acupuncturist in 2001, Lisa worked as a registered nurse.

Studying Chinese medicine and nutritional medicine seemed like a natural transition for Lisa as she sought to help people who often fell through the cracks of the traditional medical model.

She completed her degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine in San Diego and became the apprentice of Dr. Loisanne Keller, a pioneer in Chinese medicine in California, as well as a respected naturopath. Inspired by the work of Dr. Keller, Lisa’s practice draws from a diverse and extensive study of medicine and nutrition. Lisa took over the Keller Clinic when Dr. Keller retired. In the years since her graduation, Lisa has furthered her studies of both Chinese and functional/nutritional medicine. She was nominated as “Women Who Move The City!” in 2013 by San Diego Magazine. Read more about Lisa


B.S. in Nursing, Summa Cum Laude
University of Massachusetts, 1992

M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine
Summa Cum Laude
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 2000

Michelle - meet us

Michelle Siazon, R.N., L.Ac.

Michelle Siazon is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and registered nurse with over 15 years of clinical experience. She brings a comprehensive and individualized approach to health care, helping her patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Michelle is nationally certified in obstetrical nursing, having completed comprehensive postgraduate study in obstetrics, and she has continued to focus on women’s health and reproductive medicine while studying at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She is trained in traditional Japanese medicine and meridian therapy, having studied with Masakazu Ikeda, a leader in this field of medicine.

As a student, she apprenticed with Lisa Pugliese R.N., LAc. After completing her Masters Degree, Michelle joined the Conception Wellness family as a Licensed Acupuncturist.

Michelle has crafted a unique blend of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, functional medicine, and nutrition to bring her patients a natural, gentle and highly effective approach to their health. Read more about Michelle


B.S. in Nursing
Humboldt State University, 1997
Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing

Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 2010
Summa Cum Laude

MTHFR | Valerie Ferdinand, N.D. – October 2014

Amy - meet us

Amy Ledesma

Amy Ledesma is our front-office manager. She is also referred to as “The Amazing Amy!” Amy is here to ensure that our front office runs smoothly. She manages our herb and supplement pharmacy, making sure our patients have the products they need to stay on their wellness plans. She organizes the schedule and does countless other jobs to help our patients and our practitioners. Whereas many other acupuncture clinics do not invest in front office support, we know that we could not run our clinic without her. Amy has always been interested in health and wellness, and is truly invested in our patients’ care. She is an important part of our wellness team.

Becky Gonzales – meet us

Becky Gonzalez – Certified Massage Therapist

Becky is labor and birth doula and has provided the healing art of massage since 1999. Although she massage all ages, her specialty is massage for the childbearing years, this includes pregnancy and postpartum massage, along with infertility massage. Becky also loves to teach new parents how to massage their infants.


Healing Hands of Holistic Health 1999

Kate Jordan Seminars – Body-working for the Childbearing Years 2000
Healing Touch for Babies 2002
Lactation Educator Counselor Certification 2006
Early Development Trauma and Practitioner Skills 2006
Certified Baby’s First Massage Instructor 2007
Craniosacral Therapy Training 2008
Carole Osborne – Pre-& Perinatal Massage Therapy Technique Refinement and Advanced Perinatal Issues 2011
Institute of Somatic Therapy – Fertility Massage
Traditional Oriental Clinical Techniques 2012
Clinical Acupressure 2012