Doctors will often tell you that IVF and IUI success comes down to egg quality. Many women wonder if they have the ability to improve their egg quality.

At Conception Wellness, we believe they do. There is a great deal of research showing that certain treatments and supplements can improve egg quality by improving blood supply, balancing hormones, and maximizing nutritional exposure to developing eggs. Better egg quality means better IVF and IUI success.

After following the Conception Wellness Program, our patients have experienced decreased FSH, increased AMH, increased antral follicle count, and successful IVF/IUI cycles after previous unsuccessful cycles.

One local reproductive endocrinologist remarked to his patient that her “eggs seemed to have reversed in age” after she followed the Conception Wellness Program. Her IVF cycle after completing the program resulted in a healthy pregnancy and the birth of a son. Three previous attempts had been unsuccessful.

We recommend beginning the Conception Wellness Program three months prior to beginning IVF or IUI. Eggs go through a three-month recruitment phase before being naturally ovulated or stimulated during IVF/IUI. During this phase, the eggs are being nourished by the fluid that surrounds them in the follicle. That fluid is greatly influenced by nutrition, hormones, and stress; therefore, proper care during this time frame can impact the quality of eggs. Any woman planning to undergo IVF or IUI should follow the Conception Wellness Program to maximize her chances of a successful pregnancy.

The Conception Wellness Program for IVF/IUI

The program varies for each individual but most include the following: 

fertility cleanse

Fertility Cleanse

nutritional supplements

Nutritional Supplements

custom chinese-herbal formula

Custom Chinese-Herbal Formula

dietary program

Dietary Program



fertility massage

Fertility Massage

Who Benefits from the Conception Wellness Program’s IVF and IUI Support?

  • Any couple planning to do IVF, IUI, egg donor cycle, or frozen embryo transfer
  • Couples who have had previous unsuccessful cycles
  • Women with low AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) or high FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)
  • Women who have been told they have poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve or who are been identified as “poor responders”
  • Women over the age of 35
  • Women with a history of miscarriage
  • Men with low sperm count, poor motility, or poor morphology
  • Women with autoimmune conditions which affect fertility

The Conception Wellness Program can be followed by couples anywhere in the United States. The fertility wellness consultation can take place by phone, and the Fertility Cleanse and supplements can be mailed directly from our clinic in San Diego. We can help you locate an acupuncturist in your area and provide guidelines and support for treatment.

What to Expect After Following the Program

  • Improved overall health
  • Improved digestion, mood, energy, and sleep
  • Regular menstrual cycles and hormonal balance
  • Improvement of fertility markers on blood work, such as lowered FSH and increased AMH
  • Improved antral follicle count
  • Improved sperm count and quality
  • Thicker uterine lining
  • Better response to fertility medications
  • Increased success with ART

Egg Donor Cycle and Frozen Embryo Transfer

The Conception Wellness Program can benefit women planning a donor-egg cycle or a frozen-embryo transfer. The Fertility Cleanse is an important part of preparing your body to become pregnant. The herbs and supplements are tailored to focus on supporting the uterine lining and promoting implantation. Following the Conception Wellness Program will increase chances of a healthy pregnancy.

The Conception Wellness Program can also be followed by men and women who are trying to naturally boost fertility and conceive.

Program for Men, and Male Factor Infertility

Sperm count and quality is an important consideration in the outcome in IVF and IUI. The Conception Wellness Program is for men too! Supplements and herbs are modified accordingly. The Conception Wellness Program can help men increase sperm counts and improve sperm motility and morphology.