The health of the baby is greatly dependent on the health of the mother during pregnancy.

The Conception Wellness Program for pregnancy can help the expectant mother feel her best. We offer guidance and support for a healthy diet, one that specifically nurtures pregnancy and a developing baby. We also help a mother select the appropriate nutritional supplements needed to ensure a wholesome pregnancy and a healthy baby. Research studies show that certain vitamins and supplements can reduce the incidence of pregnancy complications, such as diabetes, preeclampsia, and prematurity. We know which supplements you need.

The Conception Wellness Program for Pregnancy

The program varies for each individual but customarily includes the following:

nutritional supplements

Nutritional Supplements

dietary program

Nutrition Program



fertility massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pre-birth Treatment

We provide expectant mothers a series of acupuncture treatments in the weeks prior to delivery. These pre-birth treatments have been documented to show a decreased need for labor induction, a decreased need for epidural, and a shorter duration of labor. In other words, a smoother, faster birth.

Labor Preparation

Acupuncture can be a safe and effective tool in helping women start labor naturally, once they have gone beyond their due date.


In Chinese culture, the first 30 days after a birth are referred to as the “Sitting Moon.” This is an important time for rest and recovery for mothers and their babies. We provide mothers with a treatment that is sometimes referred to “roasting the mother.” We use a moxa stick to warm the area over the uterus and the lower back. The treatment is noninvasive and feels wonderful. It can help women heal and recover more quickly after giving birth. The first treatment should be give five to seven days after birth, and we recommend a series of four treatments.

We will also provide nutrition and dietary support for maximum health and recovery.

We can help if problems arise in the postpartum phase, such a low milk supply, heavy bleeding, colds, infections, depression, and anxiety.