“The health and strength of the child are largely dependent on the health of the mother and father at the time of conception.”

This is a widely accepted concept in Traditional Chinese medicine. The idea of preparing one’s body for pregnancy – through diet, exercise, and sometimes with herbal medicine – dates back thousands of years.

In modern society, the idea of preparing for pregnancy does not involve much more than taking a prenatal vitamin. New research is showing us, however, that a child’s health and well-being can indeed be influenced by certain conditions present in the mother and father at the time of conception and during pregnancy.

At Conception Wellness, we recommend that couples strive to achieve health and wellness prior to conceiving a child. We find that our couples who consciously plan their pregnancies and spend three to six months eating well, taking certain vitamins and minerals, and receiving acupuncture care have healthier pregnancies and babies. We also notice fewer complications – such as preterm labor and pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), postpartum depression, and low milk supply – in our couples who prepare for pregnancy.

The Conception Wellness Pre-Pregnancy Program begins three to six months prior to trying to conceive (TTC). The program varies for each individual but most include the following:

The Conception Wellness Pre-Pregnancy Program

The program varies for each individual but most include the following:


Sometimes we will recommend a cleanse prior to TTC, especially if the patient has taken pharmaceutical medications, has a history of smoking or excessive alcohol intake, or shows signs and symptoms of inflammation.

2-custom-nutritional-support-protocolNutritional Supplements

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the health and wellness of mother and baby. We guide you in choosing a supplement protocol that is appropriate for your individual needs.

3-custom-chinese-herbal-formulaCustom Chinese-Herbal Formula

Chinese herbs are very effective in regulating hormones and supporting fertility. We offer Chinese herbs that are safe and of the highest quality.


We will make dietary recommendations to maximize your health and wellness.


By balancing hormones, improving sleep, and decreasing the stress response, acupuncture is beneficial in helping your body prepare for pregnancy.

Fertility MassageFertility Massage

We provide fertility massage to maximize reproductive health and circulation.