Conception Wellness is the wellness clinic trusted by surrogacy agencies and IVF doctors in San Diego.

We have the knowledge and experience to support the surrogacy process.

Our Conception Wellness Programs optimize health in both the intended parents and the surrogates, leading to more successful outcomes. Healthy parents make healthy babies!

The Conception Wellness Pregnancy Program is a great way to support surrogates during pregnancy.

The Conception Wellness Program for Surrogates

We provide surrogates with:


Dietary and nutritional counseling in order to maximize their health and the health of the baby they are carrying.

2-custom-nutritional-support-protocolNutritional Supplements:

Research shows that certain vitamins and minerals are essential during pregnancy. We provide surrogate mothers with high-quality nutritional supplements needed for surrogate and baby wellness.


Surrogates can receive acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer to increase their chances of conceiving by 60 percent, according to research. Acupuncture is a great way for surrogates to maintain health and wellness during pregnancy. Patients who regularly receive acupuncture during pregnancy have fewer pregnancy-related complications, such as high blood pressure and preterm labor. Acupuncture is a natural way for surrogates to treat common discomforts associated with pregnancy –such as morning sickness, insomnia, and sciatica – thus decreasing the need for surrogates to use medications.

Please see our pregnancy plan here.

For Intended Parents

Intended parents often wonder if they can do anything to improve their chances of successful IVF with a surrogate. We recommend that intended parents contact us for a Fertility Consultation prior to starting their egg-retrieval process.

With the information from our fertility consultation, we can guide intended parents through the Conception Wellness Program to improve egg and sperm quality prior to egg retrieval. This will improve chances of a successful implantation and pregnancy with your surrogate.

The support we offer can make the process more physically comfortable for you and will also empower you by giving you the opportunity to feel more in control of your health and fertility wellness.

Intended parents do not need to live in the San Diego area to follow our Conception Wellness Program.

The Conception Wellness Program for IVF/IUI

The program varies for each individual but most include the following:

1-fertility-cleanseFertility Cleanse

The Fertility Cleanse is a 21-day program in which an anti-inflammatory diet is followed and cleansing supplements are consumed. The cleanse is gentle and focuses on liver and GI (gastrointestinal) detoxification. The cleanse is very important if you have a history of taking synthetic hormones in the form of birth-control pills or fertility medications.

2-custom-nutritional-support-protocolCustom Nutritional Supplement Protocol

Nutritional supplements will be recommended based on our review of your history, intake, and current blood work.

3-custom-chinese-herbal-formulaCustom Chinese-Herbal Formula

Chinese herbs are very effective in regulating hormones and supporting fertility. We offer Chinese herbs that are safe and of the highest quality.

4-dietary-programDietary Program

Following the cleanse diet, we will guide you to choose foods that maximize health and fertility. We will also counsel you to avoid foods that have been shown to have a negative impact on fertility.


Acupuncture is can restore hormonal balance and reduce the circulation of stress hormones. It can help to naturally boost mood and sleep. It improves circulation to the ovaries and uterus, and studies show that acupuncture can improve implantation rates in IVF.

Fertility MassageFertility Massage

We provide fertility massage to maximize reproductive health and circulation.

What to Expect After Following the Program

  • Improved overall health
  • Improved digestion, mood, energy, and sleep
  • Regular menstrual cycles and hormonal balance
  • Improvement of fertility markers on blood work, such as lowered FSH and increased AMH
  • Improved antral follicle count
  • Improved sperm count and quality
  • Thicker uterine lining
  • Better response to fertility medications
  • Increased success with ART