The Conception Wellness Program is a custom-designed protocol based on your specific needs.

Each person is different. The Conception Wellness Program takes into account all aspects of your life and your lifestyle in order to create a simple-to-follow daily guide to enhance your well-being and get you the results you desire.


Prior to our initial interview, I will carefully analyze your case by reviewing your Conception Wellness health assessment form, past medical records, and lab tests that are provided to us. I will then consult with you, by phone or in person, to discuss you current health concerns and overall health and bodily functioning. We will discuss your current lifestyle habits and diet. If the interview is conducted in person, I will perform a physical exam. This interview is a very important step in your care. It is not uncommon for me to find voids in the care you may have received previously. Based on this interview, I will develop a personalized Conception wellness plan for you. The plan may involve ordering further lab or diagnostic testing. If it is not a test I am able to personally order, I will guide you in getting the care you need. I will make dietary recommendations (which may include a cleanse) and I will prescribe a customized nutritional supplement protocol using pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements. If needed, I will prescribe a Chinese herbal formula.


Another important step is to discuss my findings with you in detail. It is important for you to underestanding my findings and the treatment plan. This facilitates a team approach to your care. You will also receive ongoing education about dietary and lifestyle factors to promote wellness.


Your treatment plan is based on your individual needs. In addition to guidance on nutrition, supplements and herbs, we also provide acupuncture treatment at our San Diego clinic. Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to treat many of the women’s health issues for which people seek our care.

Conditions we work with include: